Fictional Forays

I’ve raided fictional territory too.

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Beautiful Collisions

Beautiful Collisions is an ebook of interconnected short stories about women in Los Angeles in the first decade of the new millennium. Some of their collisions are romantic. Some collisions are adventurous, but they all keep driving in the city of sun and stars.

In the course of the book, you will meet: Lulu the new fire warden in her office, Claire who falls down in more ways than she realized, Penelope who wakes up one morning not quite herself, Christine who can fix machines but discovers it’s harder to fix people, Eve who is making a snake out of white sports socks, and May the philosopher with car trouble.

Beautiful Collisions: Stories from Los Angeles is available as an ebook on:

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I wanted to write about Los Angeles. I ended up writing love stories, so in a way this book is my love letter to Los Angeles.

Dragon’s Mate

Kate Reilly had it all figured out. She lived in a nice apartment in Manhattan. She had a good job. She recently became engaged to her wealthy younger boyfriend of six months, and wow did he give her a nice ring. Sure his parents were upset that he chose an old family heirloom. Sure her friends were unimpressed by her fiancé. Sure there suddenly seemed to be a lot of knights in armor roaming the streets of New York. But it will all work out. Maybe?

When a time traveling sorcerer steals her ring, Kate must travel to the land of dragons and battle a demon army with the help of her two kick ass female friends. Along the way, Kate learns the true story of her ring and discovers the hidden power of dragons. Will she make it back to the modern world? Or will she be stuck forever in the world of empire waist dresses and no indoor plumbing?

During pandemic lockdown, I rewrote Dragon’s Mate and wrote three books about Kate and her friends. Since the published ebook is no longer what the book is, I have unpublished it on all platforms. If you are interested in reading the book, feel free to contact me via this website. I’ll be happy to send you a pdf.  Love, Sunshine Jen November 2022.